Peace River Another Great Stop

We arrived at Peace River on Wednesday.  Very nice park but a little confusing when finding a spot.  It is probably not too bad outside of peak season.  We lucked out finding a spot just after someone moved.  We are along the river and it is a great spot.  Each morning I sit out by the river and watch the water roll by.  Well almost each morning.  It rained hard last night and the ground is really soaked.

Which is creating problems for several rigs that are trying to get on the road today.  I watched the tractor pull a Class C out of the mud this morning.  Just came back from a walk and there is a Class A sunk up to its rear axle in mud.  They are waiting for Good Sams to come tow them out as the tractor doesn’t have the traction to do the job.

Haven’t done much sight seeing yet.  Have driven around for food and a Walmart stop.  Thinking maybe Monday of going sight seeing.

We finally saw our first Safari Simba!  Sat and talked with the owners for a couple of hours.  Daisy is getting all kinds of ideas on how to modify our rig.  She really wants to remove the carpet and tile and lay down wood planks.  We will see 😉


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