Perfect RV Business?

As RVers we have a unique set of circumstances.  We travel around the country meeting new people and seeing new places and we have limited storage space available.

Back when my wife and I were in a stick and brick home we tried numerous businesses.  AMWAY, AMSOIL, AVON, Consulting, Training, Website hosting and design, Embroidery to name a few.  All of them had an appeal and we made a little money.

The perfect business would allow you to work with or without your spouse.  Many RV based businesses do not provide for the spouse to actively help with the business.  Avon for example doesn’t really work well for men. Although I was an AVON rep in CA, I soon lost interest as the local police felt I was doing something shady.  The perfect RV business would be one where both the husband and wife had areas where they might help each other.  For example, manual labor done by the husband and sales performed by the wife or vis versa.

The perfect business would allow you to work with or without employees.  Very few RV based businesses allow for the hiring of employees.  This is a shame as it limits the income producing to what you alone can do.  Not every one wants or needs employees, but it is nice to be able to hire additional sales or service people when needed.  Imagine, you could have a business where all you do is travel and collect the bonuses each month while your employees sell and perform services on a per job or commission basis.

Income streams are the life blood of your RV based business.  When you have a stick and brick store, your income is usually limited to sales or service.  With an RV based business you really want to have as many income streams available as possible.  Some of those income streams are: Service, Retail, Wholesale, Bonuses, Internet Sales and Business Duplication Income.  Service and Retail are pretty self explanatory.  Bonuses are common to almost all RV based businesses and vary based on performance.  The more you do the higher percentage your bonus will be and the more extra income you make.  Almost all of these businesses are geared toward helping others start their own business and those your ‘group’ sales increase and you make more money from the bonuses.  The down side to this is that the bonuses start over each month from zero and if you have a bad month, then your bonus suffers.

As it was pointed out with bonuses you need to make a sales quota in order to get the bonus.  Some RV based businesses also require that you meet a certain sales quota each month or you loose your standing with the company.  The ideal RV based business would be one with no monthly sales quotas as you will be traveling and enjoying the local areas and may not want to work the business that month.

No one knows all aspects of running a business.  In the beginning you may not even know much about the products or services you will be offering or even how to run the business.  The ideal RV based business should offer free training, especially for new owners.

As with free training, free support is also a major consideration for the person starting an RV based business.  The last thing you want is to have to give your credit card or give up some of your hard earned bonus to find out the answer to a question or how to do something business related.  So the Perfect RV Based business should offer Free Support.

Paul Getty once stated that the secret to success in business is to have products or services that everyone needs or wants.  So the perfect RV based business would allow you to offer something that appeals to all.

With our limited storage space an unique requirement for the perfect RV is that there be little or no inventory requirements.  That does not mean that you can’t inventory products, but you shouldn’t be required to have inventory on hand or be required to purchase a certain amount each month.

Finally, since many full time RVers are retired and on limited income, there should no be a high cost to get started.  This is a business so some expenses will be required.  Things like business cards, samples, flyers, car decals, advertising etc are to be expected.  However, large expenses for business start up cost should be avoided.

Of course I didn’t write this article just to get you thinking, I do know of the perfect RV based business.  In the next article I will explain why Dri Wash n’ Guard IS the perfect RV based business.

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