Princess and the Hurricane

Well it was one heck of a night. Princess finally fell asleep around 11 PM. I think the combination of drugs finally overcame her pain. Basically Daisy and I didn’t go to sleep until 1 AM. Around 5 AM Daisy got up with Princess as we had a pretty bad storm. I woke up long enough to find out what was going on and went back to bed. We are up now, getting our tea. Still raining. But winds and lightning are not an issue.
Princess has a slipped disk in her lower back. We are on a medication and limited movement routine for the next 2-8 weeks. Today, I will be doing something that goes against my very being and that is buying a crate/cage/prison for her. Limited movement for the first week is extremely important according to the vet and the papers we were given. She needs time to let the disk recover. Otherwise she could lose the use of her back legs and be in a lot of pain.
Your prayers for one of Gods creatures are requested. Thanks

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