Project #10 Heat Shielding

Our 2007 Safari Simba is a front engine diesel.  We have had a growing heat issue in the cab area when driving since we got it four years ago.  Driving down the road the temperature at our feet will reach 135 degrees, making travel very uncomfortable.  With the upgrades and repairs that we are doing this was an area we really wanted to address. So, I called Monaco and talked to the techs there.  They recommend that I contact Dynamat.  A quick call and they recommended Dynaliner in the 1/2 inch size.  The sales literature says it is suppose to reduce the heat by up to 150 degree as well as cut down on engine noise.

Well today it was installed.  This is a very easy process.  Dynaliner is a foam mat that is sticky on one side.  A simple process of cutting and placing it in place and then using their tape to seal the seams.  Can’t tell you if it works yet as we are still stationary and getting new carpets in.  But we are very hopeful. Since we are also getting new carpeting, this will be the padding under the carpet.  The padding that is being laid down is 3/8 and this is 1/2 inch.

Total cost for Dynaliner was $280.00.  Purchased from dealer and not direct.  Saved over 50%.  Dealer was Crutchfield (

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