Project #11 Fixing Soft Spot in Slide Out

The curb side slide out had damage before we purchased the rig.  It was taken care of in a half ass matter.  We fixed some of it when we first purchased the rig but the floor was still soft in the corner.  The proper way to fix this would have been to remove the slide, take out the floor and replace all the flooring.  Total cost of about $12,000 and several weeks in the shop.  The patch that was done was removing a section of the wood that was rotten and replacing both inside and outside panels.  There apparently was some wood that wasn’t sealed right and started to rot, causing the soft spot.  Eric from Re-carpet Your RV said he would take care of this for us while installing our new carpet (another project).  Today he laid down some fiberglass and resin.  The patch feels really solid and at no additional cost to the carpeting job.

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