Project #12 Fix Headlight

You would think this is a simple project.  After all how hard can it be to replace a light bulb.  For a while now our drivers side low beam has been flaky.  Sometimes it would work and others it wouldn’t.  In the end it just quit.  Now if you have ever worked on a Class A, you know that the front of the rig has limited access.  Ours is a front engine diesel, we have a small opening in the front that you raise up to gain access for maintenance such as fluid levels, battery checks etc.  The light in question is on the far right hand side of that compartment, just out of reach of my arms.  If I tried to get to it from under the rig you have to be as thin as a rail to sit up there and be able to reach the plug.  But I managed.  Pulled the plug out and removed the bulb. Guess what!  It isn’t bad.

As I am trying to figure out why the bulb isn’t working, I see that one wire isn’t connected very well.  So, I work on reconnecting it.  Then I noticed that the plug seems to be disfigured.  ITS BURNT.  I am concerned that this might not be an easy fix.  But I cut the plug off and head to the parts store.  Advance Auto actually had the plug!  Come home and Daisy and I have the new plug installed in just a few minutes.  Daisy can get in from the front and push the wires into the crimp connector and I laid on the ground with the crimpers.  Light bulb is now working.

Total Cost $7.00


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