Project #8 New Carpeting and Tile

For this project we decided to contract it out.  We are using Re-Carpet Your RV, Eric is the owner.  His phone number inf FL is 352-324-2894.  Let me say they go above and beyond in service and he won’t accept payment until you are satisfied.

Eric quote us $3000 to replace carpet with carpet and tile with tile.  When he started the job on Monday, he found mold and damaged flooring.  He explained that he could keep going if we wanted or he could come back after we had it fixed and complete the job.  He came back.  See projects 8A and 8B.

Now along with this job we wanted to some heat shielding and repairs to the one slide out floor.  When we discussed this with him, he included doing both of those jobs in the original price (no upcharge).  He was back today to begin laying the carpet and tile.  He will return on Saturday to complete the job.


This is Day one progress

This is a rough fit of the flooring.

Saturday they will be back to finish up the work.  The carpet around the engine still needs to be done, flooring in the kitchen needs to be done before he can trim and finish the carpeting, the floor on the slide out has to cure overnight.  I am looking forward to showing off the new look.

We also have new furniture to pick up, but that is another project.

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