Project # 13 New Furniture

Part of the upgrade to the rig was replacing the furniture.  The Euro Chair was so uncomfortable and the sofa was showing it age and either needed refurbishing or replacing.  While out at Lazydays in Tampa, we found a nice set that would almost match the drivers and passenger seats at a price we were very happy with. Rico (the salesman) also offered to take out the old and put in the new free of charge.

I wasn’t too sure if I wanted to drive the RV from Kissimmee to Tampa to have them do the furniture swap.  After all how hard can that be?  After go, no go several times and having the new flooring, heat shield, fixing the radio and some of the other projects completed, it kind of made sense to take the rig on a nice drive to see how everything held up.

So on Wednesday, we pulled up stakes and headed to Lazydays.  The first thing we noticed is the total lack of noise from the engine.  Daisy and I could actually hear each other.   We have owned the rig for about 4 years and have never really been able to have a conversation while driving.  Then we turned on the radio and wow, we could easily hear it as well.

After getting on I-4, I had Daisy take the temperature gun and check the temps on the floor and firewall.  Highest reading was 83 degrees.  In the past it would have read over 130 degrees.   So the heat shielding worked both for sound and temperature.

We got to Lazydays, feeling pretty good about adding the heat shielding.  Rico came out with the sofa and started pulling the old out out.  After 10 minutes of ripping it apart, I realized how glad I was to come and let him do it.  It took two of them about 30 minutes to get the old sofa out of the rig.  Next was installing the new sofa into the rig.  Again, they had to manhandle the sofa into the door and in place.  This one only weights about 250 compared to about 400 for the old one and it comes in pieces.  But it is so worth it.

Next was the chair.  This also came in pieces, but it was a lot easier to get into the door.

I have to tell you the chair is really comfortable.  It reclines all the way back and I can see falling asleep in it real easy.  It also holds it position as you recline or come forward.  When upright it is a swivel/rocker.  I did notice that there seems to be a design or build issue with it that I will be contacting the manufacture about.  On both arms the fabric is stretched pretty tightly over the frame and looks to be a place that will rip within a short period of time.

I will update once I get a hold of someone about this.

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