Project #14 New Refrigerator

Well our Norcold 1210 died.  Came back from shopping to find the odor of ammonia in the rig.  Safety first and opened the windows and turned on the fans.  3 Days of smelling that stuff.

Packed everything into ice chest and went shopping.  Our old unit measurements in hand we found a unit at Lowes that was on sale.  With our military discount the price was just under $500 for an 18 cu ft with ice maker from Frigidaire.  Lowes will be delivering it on Monday, free of charge and taking the old unit to trash ($15 extra).  Because of the measurements we will need to take out a window.  With my back, we decided to hire an RV repairman to do the window, cap the propane line, check for propane leaks, help install the new unit (get it in the window) and reinstall the window.  He is planning on 2 hours.  So by noon on Monday we should have a new residential refrigerator in our rig.

Now, the removal of the Norcold was actually pretty simple.  Watched a YouTube video of all about 3 minutes long that provided all the details.

  1. Turn off Propane (we haven’t used it since 2014).
  2.  Turn off water to ice maker
  3.  Unplug AC to ice maker and refrigerator
  4.  Unplug DC from refrigerator.
  5.  Remove propane and cap the line.
  6.  Remove any screws or bolts that might be holding the refrigerator to the floor.
  7.  Remove the doors, shelves and anything else you can from the inside.
  8.  Slide the unit out by wiggling it side to side.
  9.  Discard the old unit.
















Our unit was on a slide out and 2 1/2 inches shorter than the new refrigerator.  SO, some carpentry work was needed to make the extra room.

So, we figured out we needed to drop the floor so that it was 2 5/8 inches about the slide out floor.  Being retired, we save money where we can.  So we cut out the old floor, built a brace under the old flooring and screwed it to the slide out floor.  We are now have an opening that is 66 1/4 inches high.  We needed 66 inches.  Width is still way off, we will have to redo the molding along the sides.  But that will wait until we come back from vacation the later part of June.

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