Project #3 Replacing the Overhead Lights

We have 4 overhead reading lights that over the years lost pieces.  In addition, they are HOT.  These 12 volt halogen lights needed to be replaced.  Camping World had lights that we liked and they were only $15.  So today, we replaced them all.  Step one, remove the old lights and introduce problem number one, no connectors.  The old lights had a molded connector and the new lights are bare wires.Original Light

New Lights Trip to Home Depot and of course they don’t have the connectors or even any replacements set.  So, I went with the old standby, cut the wires and put AMP Connectors on them.  Matching opposites types for hot and ground leads.

InstalledThis was an easy project.  Took about 15 minutes to do all four lights.  Much cooler and Daisy likes them.

Finished ProjectTotal Cost: 4 lights at $15.95 each, 2 boxes of AMP connectors at $3.99 each.


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