Project #4 Kitchen Backsplash

After seeing how easy the bathroom backsplash was I tackled the kitchen today.  A different tile was used and a little more challenging.  This project had a window with a curve edge  Even with measuring twice, I still messed up a little.  But the kitchen blind will cover my mistake.

Backsplash Original

These tiles are a breeze to work with.  I found that using a piece of paper as a template really helped.  I made a template with blank paper and pencil.  Placing one edge against the wall, another edge on the counter and using a pencil to trace the outline of the window.  Then using the template, transfer it to the back of the tile.  Just remember to reverse the template before cutting.  A razor knife was all that was needed.Completed BackspashTotal Project Cost 5 tiles @ 9.97 each.

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