Project #5 Ice Maker

Our Norcold 1201M refrigerator has an ice maker.  Over the summer, we put the unit in storage and went to PA for a couple of months.  Came back and the ice maker quit working.  First troubleshooting suggested the flow valve needed to be replaced.  Picked one up a new one and within 20 minutes it was installed.  Still no flow.  Water was getting to the valve.

Called Don at Just Ice Makers, he said that the ice maker inside the refrigerator was probably bad, so I ordered the ice maker.  Whereas the installation of the valve was simple, the ice maker was just the opposite.  Four screws and the ice maker comes off the back wall.  Behind the ice maker is a power connection.  A 4 wire connection that WOULD NOT come out of the ice maker.    30 minutes of prying and pulling and it wouldn’t budge.  I finally sent an email to Don.  He had been responding pretty quickly to previous questions so I took a shot. All I can say is if you need help with a refrigerator, call Don.  He responded within 5 minutes of my email.  My kids aren’t that fast with I text them.  Turns out that the end cap has to come off and there is a catch that releases the power connection.

The ice maker is back in and we are waiting for the first test batch of ice.  Instructions says it can take four hours.  We will see.

Total Cost:  Water Control Valve – $48, Ice Maker – $139 (including shipping).

Just Ice Makers


We have ICE!!! This project is now complete.


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