Project #6 Fix the Radio

We have had our rig for over 3 years.  It has a satellite radio that is hooked up to house batteries and hasn’t worked in most of that time.  When we first got it everything was fine then I had a problem with a noise suppressor and it stopped working.  The noise suppressor was replaced but the radio still didn’t work.  Well today I decided since it was going to rain, that I would take a look.  The speaker amplifier had power and there was only one set of wires that were not connected.  One side was hot the other not.  So, I connected them.  NOT a good thing.  As soon as I plugged the wires together, the jacks retracted with ALL the lights flashing, the fan in the AC unit came on.  I pulled the plug apart and everything went back to normal.  Not sure what those cables go to but this boy knows he will find someone who does, before messing with it again.

Since the amplifier has power, I decided to try the radio.  It is powered from the house batteries and not the coach.  I turned it on and started playing around with the settings.  Low and behold I got a radio station.  So another project is off the list and this one has a total cost of ZERO dollars.

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