Project 8B Replacing Rotten Panels

During the installation of the carpeting we found mold and two rotten side panels in the cab area.  Project 8B is the replacing of the side panels.  To start with both panels were removed.  On the drivers side the insulation was glued to the panel and on the passenger side it was glued to the wall.

Replacing the insulation on the driver side I used a sheet of 3/4 inch foam. Too keep the cost down, I used one sheet and pieced it together.

The side panels are cut from a sheet of 2.7 mil plywood.  This really wasn’t as hard as I expected.  The corners where pretty square.  Everything was glued on with Liquid Nails.  This was definitely a measure twice, cut once job.  I actually managed to follow that rule and only needed to make a minor cut on the drivers side.

Daisy was heavy into painting.  We will have to Spackle and repaint the seems but for now it is looking good.

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