RV Inspector Training and Certification

When we were at PA Dutch Country, I stumbled across an advertisement for training that was being offered at the campground to become a Certified RV Inspector.  Think of this as a Home Inspection but for RV.

Daisy and I looked over the information and talked to Terry Cooper, the instructor as well as Steve Anderson, he runs the Workamper News organization.  After some thought I decided to sign up for the training.  It was 5 days of RV systems, testing and general knowledge.  After passing the exam on that Friday, I became a Certified RV Inspector.

The training requirements didn’t stop there.  But before I continue, I want to explain why we spent the money for this training and the upcoming opportunity.

Although we have both lived in RV for over 12 years and I have a background as an automotive mechanic, I wasn’t comfortable with the RV systems and being full time traveling around the country, this seemed like a great way to gain the understanding required to maintain the RV.  In addition, the inspection business sounded interesting and maybe a way for us to supplement our income from time to time.

The second part of the training required to perform inspections was to pass the Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice Exams.  I got those done this week.  Now I could have stopped there and been Certified to do inspections.  But that would mean finding my own business.  Anyone that knows me, knows I am not a sales person.  One of the things we found out during our training was that Terry and Steve not only are teaching people how to be inspectors, but they are hiring them as sub contractors to perform inspection through a company called Inspection Connections.  To be a subcontractor however, you needed to complete a third course, which I am happy to say will be this next week for me.  Once that is done, I will be able to perform inspections around the country for Inspection Connections.

I am already putting the information I have learned to good use.  On Facebook at on RV Inspection Service I am writing Tips of the Day providing tips of what to inspect before buying a RV.

Stay tuned for more updates.

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