Second Project Underway

The next project we are tackling is putting up a new splash guard in the bathroom.  For this project the wife found a set of Smart Tiles.  These are plastic self adhesive tiles that stick to the walls.  Only tools required are a straight edge, measuring tape and a razor knife.

Here is the before picture.

OriginalThe hardest part of this project was making sure the measurements were transferred correctly.  My mistake was on the first tile.  I cut the cutout in the wrong place.  Likely you can’t see it, unless you look real close at the bottom of the electrical outlet.

First tileIt was patched with the same piece that was cut out.  So in the final work, it is very hard to see.

Ran out of tilesWe ran out of tiles and have to get two more.  But this project will cost a total of $40.


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