Shady Maple

There is one place that we can not seem to skip when we go camping in the Lancaster area and that is Shady Maple.  We have been camping in this area for many years and this naturally was the kick off spot for our 5 year adventure.  So what better way to kick it off than with a trip to Shady Maple!

For those that haven’t been lucky enough to experience this great dinning experience, Shady Maple is a smorgasbord with about 200 ft, yes FEET of food.  But that isn’t all, it has a huge gift shop down stairs that will keep the women happy for a couple of hours.  On the main floor they have added some fantastic 3-d artwork.

For years they have had some 3-d art hanging on the walls and I was always amazed at the scenes.  Lately they have added many more.  They also place a plaque about the artist which was really interesting.  Here are two of the new displays.

Shady Maple Art 1 Shady Maple Art 2

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