Sherwood Forest and Peaceriveritis

Well we finally left Peace River.  We are now at Sherwood Forest in Kissimee FL (outside of Orlando).  This is an Outdoor World Park and pretty nice.  The site is 50 Amp FHU with a nice open sky to get satellite.  Although cable is free so I end up watch both.

Jo Ann and Jim Rohn are here and they are the Camp Hosts.  We met them at Sea Pines over the summer.  We are also close to Sandy and Ron Edmonson, who are friends from our military days.

Sandy and Ron were over for dinner on Saturday and we ended up playing Rail Baron from Avalon Hill until midnight.  Hopefully we will get together with them again soon.

On Sunday we took a drive to Cape Canaval to watch a rocket launch, but it was canceled at the last minute.  We will have to go back to the cape again to explore.  We have already decided that the Winter of 2015 we will be spending back in FL.  Way too much to see and do for one Winter.

So I know you are wondering what is Peaceriveritis!  When we were camping at Peach River, we would have our coffee and tea down by Peace River which ran behind our campsite.  It was so peaceful in the morning watching the water roll by that I looked forward to it just about every day.  Well when we moved up here to Sherwood Forest, the river is gone.  I woke up the first day here, got my coffee and was head out the door before I realized that there was no river to watch.  I was actually sad and even a little upset that I couldn’t watch the water.  Hence I had Peaceriveritis!  I think I am over it now.  But it took a couple of days.

When we were at Orlando Thousand Trails we had gotten a %50 gift certificate to Boston Lobster Feast.  We went there Friday night for dinner.  It is buffet style with whole lobsters, crabs, clams, Salmon, Sushi and a bunch of other stuff.  It was soooo good.  Daisy had 2 lobsters, I liked the crab better so I ate my fill.  We were so stuffed afterwards.  Hopefully we can go back another time.  It is  a little expensive ($45 each), but was very good.

Tomorrow we go to Disney with Jo Ann and Jim.  Going to be a long day.  Daisy wants to ensure that the little boy in me has my fill.  Later this week we will do Sea World.  Thursday afternoon we stopped at Disney Downtown.  That was a nice way to spend the afternoon.

Today is a down day.  Laundry, minor fixes on the campsite and rain.  Will let you all know about our trip to Disney later this week.  Stay warm up North and I hope you get a lot of snow!

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