This is neat!

I have never been one to try to find ways to save money.  Sure, I would check prices and comparison shop, but nothing like what happened this week.

We were out for a drive and found a couple of flea markets.  We stopped and while walking through got shanghaied by one of the vendors.  He was offering us discounted tickets to the major attractions.  Since we were looking to go to Sea World, we decided to listen.

Turns out that if we are willing to listen to a sales presenation we could get two tickets to Sea World for $50!  Now we are retired and have no timeline nor do we have any pressing appointments so we figure why not.  After all he told us the breakfast was free.

Our appointment was set and at 10:30 AM we are registered and ready for the tour and presentation.  It is with Westgate Vacations (or something like that).  The salesman comes over, introduces himself and the pitch is on.  We have been to a few of the timeshares over the years so we knew what to expect.  A deal too good to be true but you have to take action NOW, type of thing.  Daisy and I had told him up front we would not purchase anything today and that we would want to think it over.

The guy was pretty nice and explained everything, showed us the condos, explained the referral program, the reservation and explained the exchange program etc.  Then after the tour we got down to business.  For only $38,000 we would get a deeded property in Orlando FL one of the hottest vacations spots in the world.  We said no thanks.  Of course now the manager comes over and tries to talk us into it.  I said in a very plain and calm voice, I have already said no.  He says ok and we got two tickets to Sea World for $50.

Now we have to visit the Guest Services to get our tickets.  While there the woman says that if we will listen to a 60 video she will give us $20 and a free meal at one of the local restaurants worth up to $50.  More free food!

So for the day activities, we have a breakfast, two weekday passes to Sea World, $20 cash and a Free Lobster (my choice) dinner.

No wonder the retired people come down here.  The weather is nice (temp today was over 70 degrees), lots of things to do, free food and they pay you to watch a movie.


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