Timothy Lake South

We are at Timothy Lake South near Stroudsburg, PA.  This area is known for its water falls.  There have to be a dozen or more in the area.  The other day we took a short ride and went to Childrens Park and followed the path to look at several falls.  Its an easy walk along paved paths.  Plenty of Park Rangers to provide information and keep people safe.

Timothy Lake is actually two parks, North and South.  North has a water park (closed this year for repairs) and has more scheduled functions during the weekend.  The park itself appears to be more cabins and seasonal.  Timothy Lake South is more open and camper related.  Still a good bit of seasonal but plenty of spaces for the transient campers.  The pool is really nice with a life guard during the weekends.  Weekend activities are pretty good as well.  I am the undefeated frisbee tick tack toe champion!

Falls5 Laila Falls1 Falls2 Falls3 Falls4


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