Update on RV issues

Well, we have been on the road now for 3 weeks.  Spent a week in western PA, a week in OH and a week in IN.  Problem is the week in IN has been waiting for the repair on our 2007 Safari Simba.

We stopped at a Flying J outside of Indianapolis for lunch on our way to Thousand Trails park called Horseshoe Lakes in Clinton, IN.  After eating a quick lunch, I did my quick inspection and started the RV up.  Placed it in gear and nothing happened.  The RV wouldn’t come out of park.  Of course I called my son-in-law and our old RV Tech and checked some basic stuff.  Fluid was a little low (2 qts) which was topped off, checked for fuses etc., stopped and restarted the RV several times all to no avail.  So called Good Sams and got towed to a local repair center (there were 3 within a mile of us).   After a week of troubleshooting, they think the problem is the control pad for the transmission.  Monday morning they will have a tester available to make sure.  If it is the control panel then they will have one overnighted, if they can find one.  If it is not the control panel, we are back to square one for troubleshooting.  Also no mention was made about what will happen if they can’t find a control panel.  So best case is we will be on the road again on Tuesday.  I am thinking Wednesday is more likely (providing this is the problem and they can find the part).

I do have some pictures and other articles to catch up on.  We stayed in OH and visited the Air Force Museum at Wright Patterson Air Force Base which I need to post.  Will get that done this weekend.  For now, Daisy and I are basically taking it easy.  Trying to de-stress as much as possible.

We are staying at a Motel 6 (my brother-in-law, Allen would consider this ruffing it).  The pool has been closed since we got here.  They update the status every few days indicating that it will be closed for a few more days.

The repair center is Clarke Power Systems.  The folks have been pretty good at taking care of us once they found out we are staying in a hotel until the rig gets fixed.  They even paid for dinner on Friday.  Rich, the Customer Support Manager, told us to go to dinner and bring him the bill.  Daisy found a Joe’s Crab Shack on one of our drives and he said to enjoy ourselves.  We did…$120 for dinner.  I don’t expect Rich to pay for it all, but it was a nice jester.


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