We moved again.

One of the neat things about being retired on the road is we can change our minds, or should I say, Daisy can change our minds.  Our plans were to head to the Northeast after the holidays.  Well we have decided to stay in the Philadelphia area for the Summer.  So instead of a week at PA Dutch Country we will be staying for 3 weeks.  Then a few weeks at Timothy Lake South and 3 more weeks at Sea Pines before heading back to either Hershey or PA Dutch Country in the Fall.

I wanted to talk about a restaurant that we found here in Lancaster.  It is called Manor Buffet right on Lancaster Blvd before it turns to 30 and 463(?).  This is an all you can eat place with some really good Sushi and a nice variety of it as well.  They also have steak and seafood and a Hibachi, not to mention a lot of the standard stuff.  Prices are bad either, at $13.95 per adult dinner.  Only down side for us was the desserts.  The ice cream leaves a lot to be desired, but the Chinese donuts are pretty good.

If you haven’t heard, my RV books are done and available on http://rv-inspection-service.com or Amazon.com.  There are four books.  Three of them are eBooks one each for Finding, Buying and Using the RV.  The last book (only on Amazon at this time) is a printed version of all three books.

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