We say good bye to Forest Lake

We have left Forest Lake and started heading North.  We stopped at Lynchburg Thousand Trails outside of Lynchburg, VA.  This was about 155 mile trip which is kind of short for us.  I like that as most trips are in the 250 mile range.  We did manage to get here and set up before the rains came.  There was even some small hail mixed in with the heaviest down pours.  I must say we needed a good rain.  The car was so dirty, I almost wanted to take the Dri Wash n’ Guard magnets off until we could give it a good cleaning.

I think we are one of only 3 or 4 people here.  We parked next to a single gentleman who is leaving either today or tomorrow morning.  Since I am writing this at 1:30 in the afternoon and he is still here, I am betting in the morning.  This campground is just opening up after the Winter and nothing it scheduled until late May.  Even the pool is still closed and empty.  So there is nothing to report about the activities or functions here.  Maybe later this year we can stop in again as we head South.

The staff has been pretty friendly and security seem pretty good.

As for the area, that will have to be another post.  We did go into Lynchburg last night for dinner, but did not check out anything else.  The campground is about 5 miles or so from the nearest town and about 20 miles from Lynchburg.  The roads in the campground are stone and very dusty.  Our site is 30 Amps and not as level as we would like.  In fact, we may steal the neighbors site when he leaves.

Over the air TV is pretty good with about a dozen channels.  I have satellite, but most of the sites are pretty wooded unless you are in the A section.

Overall, it is a nice place.

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