Websites We Use

There are several websites we use while on the road besides Facebook.  I think the two most important ones are RV Trip Wizard and RV Village.

RV Trip Wizard  is a trip planning website. It cost about $30 a year but it has saved me many times more than that.  You start with entering your location and how many miles a day you want to travel.  It then provides you with a graphic display of where you can go and what campgrounds are in that area.  You can click on a campground to read about it, visit the websites, call them etc.  Once you find the place to go, add it to your destinations and the radius moves for your next leg of the journey.  The map also shows you warnings and danger areas due to restrictions that might be along your route.  Once you finish with the plan, you can print it, export it to Excel or your GPS.

The second website I use is RV Village.  RV Village is a community website.  Members post to a forum like page about current activities etc.  But the more important part is the who is here.  When you log into RV Village you enter where you are currently. The website then shows you who is also there.  You can view their about me section and send them messages.  It is a great way to meet new people.  There are also groups for people with like interests.  I have met several really good people.  It is free and still a fairly new site.  As of today about 12,000 RVers are signed up.

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