Well Half Way Done…

Half of the holidays are over.  Spent them with most of the family.  Today is the family get together so all of our kids and grand kids will be together for a holiday meal.

It is getting harder and harder to get the family together.  Grand kids are moving away, siblings are creating their own holiday traditions.  This is hitting the wife the hardest.  She tries hard to schedule something and more and more of the family has plans.  But change is in the wind.  We use to have a Pollyanna each year with as a gift exchange.  But this year it is just the dinner.

Wednesday we head down to our friends in Maryland for the New Years.  This will probably be the last time for that as well.  Next year we will be in Texas for the holidays.  Our first time in many years not at home (unless the wife can’t handle it) :).  New Years is slowly becoming a ‘can we stay awake that long’ event.  Who knew staying awake a couple extra hours would be so hard hehe.  But we will play games, drink a little and be with friends.

Haven’t heard about the RV repairs yet.  Will call them on Tuesday.  If they are done we will leave on the 2nd and head back to SC.  Otherwise will have to see what the estimated time is on the repairs and make plans then.

Daisy and I wish you all a very Happy and Safe New Years.


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