What a Day!

Daisy and I went to Tarpon Springs, FL today.  Its about an hour and 50 minutes from the campground and was the largest sponge port in the Country.  They have small cruises from the port as well as a museum and a movie.  Lots of shops and some good eating places.  Parking was cheap today ($3 all day).  Went through the museum and watched the movie.  Even learned some stuff.  After Daisy’s starts getting her Social Security check we are going to take one of the boat cruises out to the light house.

On the way back, we stopped and ate at BD Mongolian BBQ.  This is a must return to place.  If you have never had Mongolian BBQ, think create it yourself stir fry.  BD’s does it right.  You start with the pasta (rice or wheat), add the meat (about 20 different kinds), then the veggies and finally the sauce(s).  When everything is ready, you take it up to the grill and they cook it for you.  Watching the cooks is almost a show in itself.  Sitting down to eat they serve you either rice or Tortillas.

To make this even better, they offer a military discount.  BD Mongolian Grill is in Lakeland FL.  It is a franchise and they are around the Country.

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