Where has the week gone?

Well it is Friday.  Been a busy week that nothing got done.  Have you ever had one of those?  We did manage to get to Wildwood NJ for a little while.  It has been years since we came down here.  Will make sure we get back there next week.  Yesterday and today have been campground days.  The only traveling was to find a laundromat.  Ended us using the one at the campground as it was the cheapest we found.

Puppies are liking the campground.  They get out for a walk in new territory.   Noses are going a mile a minute and have to stop and sniff then mark every tree.

WIFI and Cell Phone boosters are both up and running.  No free WIFI in the area that I can detect.  So, Millencom is in use this week and next.  Same problem with TV and Satellite.  In the middle of trees so DirecTV is not working and the local stations are limited to basically just NBC (40.1).  There are a couple of others but have to reposition the antenna for them and the programming is limited.  Main entertainment is reading and computer based stuff.  We don’t stream at the moment, until we figure out what our bandwidth is really going to be like.

Tomorrow is the family picnic on the wife’s side.  We will be heading back to PA for the day.  Pictures will be posted sometime Sunday.


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