Where is the car?

Well, we left PA Dutch Country on Wednesday and headed to Timothy Lake South.  Had to stop at Boat and RV in Hamburg to have the rear leveler that has been giving us problems looked at.  Turned out that was a pin hole in the hose.  All fixed and no more leveler issues!

Got to Timothy Lake and was checking in (late arrival due to maintenance at Boat and RV).  I was waiting for security and talking to some fellow campers when Daisy yells from the parking lot, “Where’s the car?”, thinking that is a dumb questions I turned around and said “Right….WHERE’S THE CAR?”  It wasn’t on the back of the RV.  Somewhere along our trip we lost the car and dolly!  No Kidding!  It was gone!

One of the guys I was talking to said he would drive me out to see if we could find it.  Daisy stayed with the RV and the dogs as we left.  If you have never had this happen, all kinds of things go through your mind.  I mean, I watch the camera every now and then, but not all the time.  The bus also has enough power that I never felt a difference.  About a mile or so down the road we found the car and dolly in a ditch.  GPS took us off roading on a gravel path just prior to getting to Timothy Lake and apparently, the dolly came off the ball just before we turned off the dirt path on to the highway again.  The car and dolly where in a ditch about 50 feet from the corner.

Luckily we didn’t hit anything or anyone.  The car looked to be in pretty good shape but the front end plastic took some damage.  I called Good Sams and unfortunately, they did not have anything available until Thursday morning.  Talked to Chris, the home owner who’s ditch we were in, and he said that it wouldn’t be a problem to leave it there until Thursday.

Thursday morning called Good Sam back and by 10:30 the wrecker was on site and had the car and dolly out of the ditch.Front Side

The car has some minor damage but is drivable.  The dolly is another issue.  Pretty sure the dolly will need to be replaced.  The adjuster is suppose to call by Tuesday.  Will see what he/she says.

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