Wilson Electronics Issue

As part of our communications package, I added a Wilson Electronics 4G Cellular Amplifier and antenna to our rig.   We also have the Millenicom WIFI Hotspot for data.  Anyway, while in NJ, I noticed that the Millenicom was not getting much of a signal, so I placed it near the antenna for the cell phone amplifier.  No increase in signal strength.  Since this is a modified installation, I worked with a couple of my friends to determine where the issue might be.  The Wilson antenna is mounted on a steel plate on a PVC pole.  It has a magnetic base, so we figured that maybe it needs to be grounded to the RV.  Quick trip to the store and we have the metal base grounded to the RV.  Another test and still no difference.  Tech Support is suppose to call us today.

Going to rearrange the setup as well today.  Moving all the stuff to the other side of the RV.  Will post pictures once it is all up and running.


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