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We have been on the road now for several months.  Finances are looking ok, but there is always that one something that you would like to have, or the unexpected breakdown or extended stay, family obligation etc. that needs to have some funding.  Daisy and I knew this when we hit the road and have been looking at different opportunities to earn extra money.  Here is what we found that hopefully will work for us.

I have always found AMSOIL to be an interesting product.  25,000 mile oil changes in the car, really appealed to me for a lot of reasons.  Then I looked at the RV diesel engine and found out that I may never have to change the oil in it.  Truckers running AMSOIL run for over a million miles without changing the oil, just a new filter and oil analysis and they are on the road again.  This seems to me to be idea for the full time RVer.  Finding a place to change oil is not as easy as it sounds and the oil changes in a big RV can be expensive.  So a couple of years ago I signed up.  I am now starting to let people know about the products and using as many as I can in our vehicles.

Recently we talked to another couple about a dry wash and wax product.  Seems that many campgrounds do not allow you to wash your rigs or charge you for the extra water.  Well we had a couple of demonstrations of the outside and inside products.  Daisy was floored!  We have, or should I say had, a few bad spots on the rugs and furniture.  A 30 sec demonstration, PROVED that these dry wash products worked!  So we are becoming distributors for Dri Wash and Guard.  Now Daisy has something to get excited about and so do I.

Lastly, I have been taking training on becoming an RV Inspector.  Think of this as Home Inspections for Recreational Vehicles.  This is a fairly new field and I will be working with RV Inspection Connections.  I completed my certification as an RV Inspector and will be taking the Advanced RV Inspection course the middle of Nov.  Once that is done, I have some business paperwork to complete and a couple of live inspections to do.  By the time we get to FL in January, I should be ready to roll.

None of these by themselves will make us rich as we will only be working them part time.  But with our retirement and savings we shouldn’t need much.  Basically, we want to sure up the savings accounts for when that day comes that we need to spend some.

If you are interested in earning some extra money with a business of your own or you have any questions on AMSOIL, Dri Wash and Guard or the RV Inspection Services, please let us know.  We will be glad to answer them or put you in contact with someone who can answer your questions.

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